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Overview of the Project

In 2011, we were  awarded  a PRACE project  with 5 million cpu hours in the recently installed CURIE supercomputer  at the TGCC near Paris. The  title of the project was

Large Scale simulations of Ly-α  and Ly-break galaxies in the high-z universe: Probing the epoch of reionization.

The  main goal of this project was to  generate a mass limited complete volume sample of resimulated objects at high-z (from z≈ 3 to 6).  To this end, we have simulated a cubic box  200 h-1 Mpc with different resolutions and physics, ranging from 5123 to 20483 particles.   These simulations of the whole box have been used to identify the objects of interest  in order to generate the  initial conditions for the resimulations.  We made use of a new Initial Conditions Generation code called GINNUNGAGAP  written by Steffen Knollmann at UAM.  This code has some new features such as  variable domain decompositions (slab or pencil) for the Fast Fourier Transform in 3D,  fully parallel random number generator and  the realizations of  random gaussian fluctuations in real space, rather than in Fourier space.  Increasing levels of mass refinements  can easily be  generated in this way to almost unlimited number, provided that there are sufficiente computational MPI nodes.   Thanks to the pencil domain decomposition, there is no limitation in the mesh sizes used to compute the density fields and to FFT them.


Cosmological Parameters

The simulations have been run using the  set of cosmological parameters that best fits the current cosmological observational constrains, namely, the combination of WMAP7+BAO+SNIa.





Cosmological parameters of CURIE HZ simulations
h  0.70   Hubble parameter
ΩΛ  0.73   Density parameter for dark energy
Ωm  0.27   Density parameter for matter (dark     matter+baryons)
Ωb  0.0469   Density parameter for baryonic matter
n  0.95   Normalization of the Power spectrum
σ8  0.82   Amplitude of mass density fluctuation in 8 Mpc/h sphere (at redshift z=0)





 Full Box Simulations of  CURIE HZ
Several simulations of the full box  of  200 h-1 Mpc  down to z=0 have been done in the CURIE supercomputer.

Type #particles Zinit Zend

dark matter only

5123 90 0
dark matter only 10243 100 0

SPH + radiative physics+sfr+winds

(Springel & Hernquist  model)

10243 +10243 100 0